Adam has over twenty years of teaching and workshop experience, with a focus on improvisation and woodwind instrumental technique. He has taught across all levels of education, from toddlers through to Masters level at university.

Adam presents a unique understanding of woodwind technique and practice, combining his training experiences of classical, jazz, improvisation and traditional Japanese musical styles, with years of playing in bands across most genres. Adam’s philosophy of teaching is that by learning the fundamentals of the instrument through good technique and reading music, then one is positioned well to explore the music of one’s choice.

Adam is a sessional instrumental teacher at Victorian College of the Arts, and teaches sax, clarinet and flute privately to all levels from beginner to advanced from his Northcote home.

In addition, Adam is teaching shakuhachi at Melbourne University and privately, continuing the subject as developed by his teacher, Andrew MacGregor, who retired in late 2010.

Adam has in some way been influenced by of all of these teachers and mentors: Peter Russell, Peter Ovendon, Willy, Chris Filby, Mick Tesiaro, Ted Lewis, Paul Simmons, Peter Martin, Mr Stubbings, Helen Fairhall, Lachlan Davidson, Stuart Campbell, Tony Gould, Brian Brown, Mike Doyle, Geoff Kluke, Sue Johnson, Peter Giatrakos, Mike Jordan, Rob Vincs, Ashley Cross, Bernie McGann, Gordon Brisker, Andrew MacGregor, Kaoru Kakizakai, Kazushi Matama, Teruo Furuya, Ellery Eskelin, Robert Dick, Ned Rothenberg and Ann Gilby.