Andrea Keeble – violin
Jason Bunn – viola
Adam Simmons – tenor sax
Kynan Robinson – trombone
Anita Hustas – acoustic bass Ronny Ferella – drums

The premiere performance of Collider was at the Adam Simmons Retrospective in October 2006 – programmed in a forward-looking context, with new collaborations and exploring different sounds, the group was intended to perform with saxophonist Philip Greenlief from San Francisco. Unfortunately he was unable to perform. But with some new music, the performance went ahead successfully. With the enthusiasm of the players and audience response, Collider has become another of Adam’s ongoing projects, now co-led with Kynan, and with compositional contributions from the other members as well

While Collider is a unique combination of strings with the pianoless quartet, it is also the collection of six strong, distinct voices of each musician that gives this ensemble a joyous and interesting sound.

Highlights include: Melbourne Women’s International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival

Green Eggs & Ham (Simmons)

Breakfast with the Brothers Karamazov (4:23)