Adam Simmons Quartet

Adam Simmons – saxophones/flute/shakuhachi/fujara
Andrew Ogburn – piano/keyboards
Simon Starr – bass/vocals
Matt Earl – drums

 Since forming in 1993 the ASQ have performed spirited shows around Australia and internationally, presenting an ever-expanding original repertoire, including material from the acclaimed debut CD "Looking For Something A Little Different?" (1996), DVD "Adam Simmons – 3 Concerts" (2004) and "Metamorphosis" (2006).

The Adam Simmons Quartet has long been enjoyed at popular venues, private and corporate functions and special events – the players share their great delight in playing together, with their beautiful original compositions and terrific, passionate, improvisational skills and positive energy.

"From classic, driving swing to the ethereal textures of Asia, 'Metamorphosis' pulls together seemingly disparate elements to create a unified, coherent album of true beauty. The sheer artistry of these players is never over-stated and clearly ten years of collaboration has imbued this quartet with an intuitive understanding of just how to play with, and for, each other." Owen McKern, 3RRR fm, (Melbourne).

You’re wearing my shirt (Simmons)

Ripsnorter (3:58)