Invited to participate in the collaborative exhibition “SMS – Szczecin/Melbourne/Szczecin” by artist and friend, Jarek Wojcik, Adam was encouraged to present something very different to his musical performances. In response to this Adam developed the idea of his music box assemblages, drawing from his musical aspirations and aesthetic sense to inform a more physical form of expression. As a visual artist, Adam has been in several group shows since Oct 2009, had his debut solo exhibition at Catherine Asquith Gallery in July 2010, exhibited in Poland and has been a selected finalist in several awards. The initial development of this work was supported by Arts Victoria funding.

“As a musician I have come to value the nature of simplicity and defined parameters in helping to narrow one’s focus to better explore the material at hand. But at the same time, many levels of complexity and meaning can be explored and developed. Complex structures are interesting yet often require very careful negotiation, while more simple conceptual material can allow for much more play, exploration and experimentation.

“In developing my music boxes as art pieces, I feel that I am expressing similar artistic concepts that come from my musical experience albeit through a visual medium. There is sound involved that is integral to the appreciation of the work but there are additional expressions via the physical makeup of each piece; as well as the invitation for the viewer to become the ‘performer’ through interaction with the work.”
Adam Simmons