Adam Simmons – Self Titled Solo 2009

Self titled solo albumPURCHASE ALBUM

The second solo recording by Adam – this was accompanied by a tour of VIC, NSW, ACT, including the Winter Magic Festival and the Winter Tragic Festival, and a concert on the Wye River beach as well as the Wye General Store. This is a good representation of Adam's solo shows, a mix of composed and improvised pieces, but without the bubbles and folk tunes!


released 01 June 2009
Adam Simmons
performer, composer, improviser

Instruments (in order of performance): fujara, piccolo, contrabass clarinet, shakuhachi, sopranino sax, shakuhachi, tenor sax, shakuhachi, contra alto clarinet, baritone sax, alto flute, contrabass clarinet, tenor sax

Myles Mumford recorded, mixed & mastered.
Mark Chew, photography.
Celsius Design, graphic design.
Recorded February 2009, Shed Studio, Northcote.