Bucketrider - Guignol's Band

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1. Old Babylon - Bucketrider (0:46)

Adam Simmons - soprano saxophone
Tim O'Dwyer - shawm
James Wilkinson - trombone
Dave Brown - microtonal bass
Sean Baxter - drums/junk
Released 1999, recorded by Dave McCluney, Atlantis Studios, distributed by Dr Jim's Records (Melbourne, Australia), Cat. no. - Dr Jim 25
Cost $12 (Aust)

Bucketrider is a curious mix of free jazz/punk/metal/art music that really must be experienced in the flesh. This is the second of two releases, the other being a trio with Tim, Dave and Sean. Adam has been in Bucketrider since 1996. Often seen in pubs around Melbourne, such as the Punter's Club and the Empress Hotel, they are just as likely to be seen in contemporary music events with the likes of Elision or Libra ensembles. They recently stunned and amazed audiences at the Ballarat Winter Festival.

Check out Ratnet TV for some video clips and photos of the Ballarat Winter Festival performance.
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